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Important Information

We know this stuff can get a bit boring and tedious.  But please make sure you read through everything before you reserve your room because we are sticklers for the rules (it's how we keep from descending into anarchy and the resultant ice cream binge caused by the chaos).

There are 3 key areas of information that we want to make sure you have access to and understand.

What it takes to live in one of our houses (ie. referencing criteria)

You want to be safe and comfortable in your new home without all the weirdos?  Check out our referencing criteria to see how we make sure everyone is happy together and make sure you have all the necessary information and documents ready!

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How it all works (ie. frequently asked questions (FAQs))

Are you wondering about our guest policy, or what about if the pots and pans are included or if you need to bring your own.  We know you've probably got a few questions so we've put together a list of the most commonly asked ones (and some not so common ones) along with the answers for you to check out before you join us!

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The legal stuff
(ie. the legal stuff)

Here is where you will find all the information about our contracts, data protection policy, complaints procedures and more. This is the driest of the dry information on this page but it's really important that we've got it out there and available for you!

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Download the FREE Guide to Living in Oxford

Unsure which area you want to live in?  Download our FREE guide to learn more about Oxford and understand the culture and what's happening in each different part of Oxford so you can find the area most suited for you!

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