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About JADE

In the Beginning...

Hi - I'm Jacquie (the J & E in JADE).  I moved to Oxford in 2012 for a new job. At the time I didn't know anyone in the city and didn't know anything about the different areas and where to live. I was used to living in a house share and had lived with some weirdo's and some great friends and I had finally settled into a place that was mainly great friends when I found the new job in Oxford.  While having a new job was super exciting I was terrified about living in a sh*t house with even sh*ttier housemates (you know the kind...that don't clean and eat all your cheese).

But I was excited too - because Oxford sounded like a cool place to live and I thought everything would be pretty posh.  Boy was I WRONG!  

I started doing viewings and OMG - the houses were dire.  I was specifically looking for professional house shares as I didn't want to live with a bunch of students (I need to get some beauty sleep so that I can go to work every day).  Even the houses advertised as professional basically looked like dirty student houses with just older people living in them.  It took me AGES to find somewhere decent to live.  And even then there were mushrooms growing in the shower (no joke...)

Here's a few examples of what I saw and where I lived

(including the shower mushrooms!)

Next Steps...

Despite the terrible housing, I fell in love with Oxford and knew I wanted to stay.  But I was pretty tired of my job (I was an accountant...not the most exciting career) and I wanted to do something that would make a difference.  I loved property and saw the best way to make a difference would be to help clean up Oxford's shared housing.  Make sure there were clean, friendly and happy homes for professionals in Oxford.  There are loads of places for students to live (and let's be honest...most of them aren't too picky about standards) but as a professional with a real job it's important to have a clean and well maintained house so that you can focus on your job and your life and not on the crazy housemates around you.

So I started JADE Room Lets with my boyfriend (he's the A & D in JADE) and our mission is to Raise the Standard of Living in Oxford and our core values are:

Want to see what we can offer?

Meet the Team

Now that we have over 100 tenants I need a bit of help to make sure we are providing the best possible service.  We've got a small but super helpful team ready to assist you throughout your journey with JADE. 


Larra is the first person you'll likely speak with at JADE.  She's our Customer Service Administrator who's in charge of helping you schedule your viewings and making sure you are looking at the right houses for you.  She also will take you through all of your referencing and help get you ready to move in.



Mae takes over from Larra on the weekends and 'wo'mans the Customer Service role.  She''ll help answer your questions and schedule any viewings!


Nati is the one that will greet you during your first viewing with JADE and show you around!  She is also our general manager who will take care of your day to day needs after you've moved in to make sure you are comfortable and everything runs smoothly.



Jay is our head maintenance man.  While he doesn't work for us directly he is a key part of our team and you will likely see him at your house when there is some work that needs to be done! He's a super star and can fix almost anything. Also, if you lock yourself out he's the one to call to get you back in.


 Jon is our other super fix it man that pops in to help us in a pinch. He's actually a former JADE housemate himself who loves to come back and make sure things are in ship shape.

Barbara & Dora

Barbara and Dora are the spectacular ladies that keep your JADE house looking spic and span when they come in twice a month for the communal clean. 

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